What’s a 7-star patient experience?

Picture an impeccably run dental practice. Established and steadily expanding, this clinic is now venturing into upscale treatments. The marketing machinery works like a well-oiled machine, garnering an influx of queries. The front desk, agile and adept, effortlessly converts these queries into confirmed bookings.

It’s a perfect scenario, right? Perhaps in the past, but not anymore.

In today’s age, resting on one’s laurels is a recipe for stagnation. The buzzword is ‘patient experience’, and it’s not just a catchphrase—it’s the bedrock of modern dental practices.

The blueprint to winning patient trust

How can a dental practice, entrusted with the vital task of beautifying smiles, make every patient interaction memorable? Here’s the comprehensive guide:

A warm personalised Welcome: The first impression sets the tone. A patient walking in should be greeted warmly, preferably by name, making them feel expected and cherished. Offer a beverage of their choice. Such gestures assuage dental anxieties and set a comforting ambiance.

Punctuality is prime: Value the gift of your patients’ time. Ensure appointments start promptly. It’s not merely about professionalism but also about showing patients that their time is as precious as yours.

The art of communication: Selling shouldn’t be the driving force. Instead, focus on attentive listening and posing pertinent questions. This facilitates patients feeling empowered, giving them control while aiding them in making informed decisions. Whether it’s the front desk or the treatment coordinator, every interaction should be geared towards understanding patient needs and assuaging their concerns.

The digital dentistry era: Welcome to 2023, where digital isn’t an option—it’s the norm. Patients today anticipate visualising their ‘dream smile’ digitally before making decisions. Offering this not only enhances their experience but also bolsters their confidence in the proposed treatment.

Heartfelt follow-ups: The patient experience doesn’t culminate when they leave your clinic. A considerate, customised follow-up post their consultation can substantially amplify their experience. It underscores that you genuinely care, fostering trust and loyalty.

The sweet rewards

So, why this rigour in enhancing patient experience? Beyond the obvious satisfaction of offering exceptional service, the tangible benefits are manifold:

  • Higher conversion rates: When patients feel valued, they’re more inclined to commit.
  • Elevated patient satisfaction: A content patient is a clinic’s best ambassador.
  • Organic referrals: Happy patients are more likely to recommend you.
  • Sustained loyalty: Exceptional service breeds loyalty, ensuring patients return.
  • Profitability in the long run: With the right practices in place, profitability is a natural consequence.

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