Introducing the Patient Growth Mechanism

For established dental practices wanting more high ticket production.

Are you struggling to create a reliable system for attracting and converting high end cases?

It’s not your fault. The dental industry is more competitive than it’s ever been. So many dental practices are all vying for the attention and business of cosmetic dental patients by using all the available advertising channels they can get their hands on.

Traditional dental marketing strategies just won’t work if you’re trying to elevate your high ticket production and ignite practice growth. 

Now, more than ever before, you need to find an effective way to connect with the hearts and minds of your ideal patients. And that’s not all… 

The real challenge lies in:

Establishing authority: Building value in your skills and experience in such a way that patients see you as the go-to practice in their area.

Building trust: Having patients truly trust you with achieving their dream outcome.

Effective communication: Connecting with patients in a genuine way that builds trust and rapport.

Attracting and retaining staff: Building capability in your team, attracting and retaining staff and building a collaborative team spirit.

Introducing the Patient Growth Mechanism (PGM), a bespoke solution helping practices to add an additional $30-50k / month in new production, by combining a distinctive advertising approach with advanced lead management systems, streamlined patient journey workflows, and comprehensive patient communication coaching. 

We’re fortunate to be working with some of the best dental practices across Australia and the UK, implementing a strategy that’s helping our clients to achieve 6-10x returns from their marketing investment. 

How does the Patient Growth Mechanism work?

Our Patient Growth Mechanism plays a pivotal role in equipping practices to stay on course towards their goals and achieve results they’ve never achieved before. With us, it’s not just about growth’ it’s about setting new standards for defining success.

Getting in front of patients during the ‘problem-aware’ stage

Highly targeted advertising strategies

With the right growth partner in your corner, it won’t take long for your practice to establish local area domination. We implement a highly targeted advertising strategy that focuses on crafting ads that engage prospective patients precisely when they’re most receptive — during the ‘problem-aware’ stage. This strategic targeting means we’re catching your ideal patients who are already aware of their dental concern or desire, but haven’t yet taken steps to do anything about it. By putting your practice in front of these potential patients, we are not only solving their problem, but we are positioning your practice as the best solution to help them. 

Transform your lead management system


Picture this… you invest thousands in marketing campaigns each month. Enquiries aren’t tracked, some are lost, some don’t even get followed up. And best practice tells us that you need to be connecting with your leads within less than 5-mins! And in some cases, you’ll need 5-12 points of contact before a patient books a consultation at your clinic. If you don’t have an effective system in place, imagine the value leakage happening in your practice!

RAPIDconvert is an all-in-one platform for communicating with, managing and tracking lead flow. Revolutionise lead engagement with Rapidconvert’s streamlined platform designed specifically for dental practices. Harness the power of automation for re-booking, re-activations, reviews and feedback.
And the best part? Seamlessly track your ROI and case conversion statistics at a glance.

Empower your practice with the right resources and tools

RAPID University

Elevate your practice’s patient journey workflows and patient communication effectiveness with the right resources at your fingertips. RAPID University contains over 30 hours of on-demand training content for receptionists, client experience managers (CEMs), dentists and treatment coordinators.

Understand all aspects of the patient journey

Coaching by Brendan Lewis

Our practices get access to effective communication coaching, led by Brendan Lewis, our Co-Founder and Head of Growth. With a rich background spanning over 15 years in business leadership, sales, operational management and business consulting, Brendan brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching sessions. As the creator of our Patient Growth Mechanism, he has honed simple yet powerful strategies, drawing insights from various industries, to elevate patient communication from awkward to confident. To date, Brendan has successfully guided 50+ practices to implement effective patient journey workflows and improve their patient communication skills.

Ready to level up your dental practice with more high ticket production? 

Then apply for a free strategy session today, and see how the Patient Growth Mechanism can help you sustainably transform your practice growth.