Practice growth through a proven path to high-end case conversion

Using our mechanism, clients consistently see 5-10x monthly returns from their marketing.

How? By implementing our unique 3-part patient acquisition engine to help you build authority, attract leads and convert high-ticket cases.

We’ve helped 50+ practices so far. Will your practice be next? 

A partner for established dental practices wanting predictable and measurable growth outcomes

Struggling to attract and convert high-value dental cases like veneers, implants, and clear aligners? You’re not alone. The competition in today’s dental industry is fierce, and old-school marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to adapt to stay ahead.

Patients now have choices, and to be their first choice, you need a strategy that sets you apart as their the right dentist to help them achieve their dream outcome.

The true test is in building authority as the go-to dental practice in your area, where your skills and experience make you the undeniable choice for patients seeking their dream cosmetic and restorative outcomes. It’s about building a foundation of trust through genuine communication and rapport, all while cultivating a capable, loyal team that embodies a spirit of collaboration. Master these elements, and your practice becomes more than a service — it becomes a destination for delivering incredible patient outcomes.

High ticket production with the Patient Growth Mechanism

Introducing the Patient Growth Mechanism (PGM), a bespoke solution helping practices to add an additional $30k-50k+ / month in new production.

What Our Clients Say

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Numbers don’t lie. Here is the data, stats and tangible results

We have helped 50+ dental practices scale over the years.

Thanks to our fine-tuned Patient Growth Mechanism, we have consistently delivered exceptional outcomes for dental practices across Australia & the UK.

The Team at Searchbox are a well oiled machine! They have systems and processes in place to allow your practice to really achieve it’s goals. You have to work hard, but they support you all the way. The weekly coaching calls are an invaluable resource. Brendan always has a little nugget of “gold” in every session.

Fiona Brown

We engaged the Searchbox team to help with lead gen and haven’t looked back. The support, training and results speak for themselves. Dental Implants & Aesthetics Tugun look forward to changing the lives of more patients in 2024!!!

Rebecca Spink

Our team continue to benefit from Brendan & his Team. They are a pleasure to work with. They are very knowledgeable and professional, and provide valuable advice. I would definitely recommend them.

Sarah Boyle

Great team, practice what they preach and it seems to work. Very involved in the process of achieving our goals. Early days still but going well.

Shrey Surya

Lead management made simple with RAPIDconvert

Imagine pouring thousands into marketing monthly, only to see leads slip through the cracks — untracked, uncontacted and unconverted. It is vital to engage with leads within five minutes, and often it takes 5-12 interactions before they commit to a consultation. Without a robust system, it is easy for these leads to fall through the cracks.

Introducing RAPIDconvert, a premium platform, designed specifically for dental practices to manage, communicate and monitor leads. It revolutionises lead engagement with automation for re-booking, re-activations, collecting feedback and requesting Google reviews. Plus, effortlessly track your ROI and Marketing conversion stats in one place.

Become an expert at patient communication with LIVE coaching from Brendan Lewis

Our practices get access to effective communication coaching, led by Brendan Lewis, our Co-Founder and Head of Growth. With a rich background spanning over 15 years in business leadership, sales, operational management and business consulting, Brendan brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching sessions. As the creator of our Patient Growth Mechanism, he has honed simple yet powerful strategies, drawing insights from various industries, to elevate patient communication from awkward to confident. To date, Brendan has successfully guided 50+ practices to implement effective patient journey workflows and improve their patient communication skills.

Introducing RAPID University

Elevate your practice’s patient journey workflows and patient communication effectiveness with the right resources at your fingertips. RAPID University contains over 30 hours of on-demand training content for receptionists, client experience managers (CEMs), dentists and treatment coordinators

Getting in front of patients during the ‘problem-aware’ stage

Highly targeted advertising strategies

With the right growth partner in your corner, it won’t take long for your practice to establish local area domination. We implement a highly targeted advertising strategy that focuses on crafting ads that engage prospective patients precisely when they’re most receptive — during the ‘problem-aware’ stage. This strategic targeting means we’re catching your ideal patients who are already aware of their dental concern or desire, but haven’t yet taken steps to do anything about it. By putting your practice in front of these potential patients, we are not only solving their problem, but we are positioning your practice as the best solution to help them.

What’s included in the strategy session? 

A brief audit of your current marketing strategy.

Developing an understanding of the LEVERS to pull to help you to achieve your growth goals.

An outline of how the Patient Growth Mechanism will fit into your practice, showing you how it’s helped other practices JUST LIKE YOURS.

Just like we have for 50+ practices so far. Will your practice be next?

Ready to level up your dental practice with more high ticket production? 

Then apply for a free strategy session today, and see how the Patient Growth Mechanism can help you sustainably transform your practice growth.