Who we are

Increase your high-ticket production predictably and consistently with Searchbox.

We wanted to be in a partnership with somebody that gets it… who actually understands that dentistry needs to be shaken up a little bit. We need to be focused on what patients want and why they want it. We’ve seen increased production and massive growth in our dentists’ confidence. It’s fantastic!

- Dr Phil Boulton, Gentle Dental Group

This is our story

A growth partner for forward thinking practice owners seeking to create a lasting competitive advantage.

Our core values

Connecting practices with the hearts and minds of their ideal patients

Our ability to deliver for every dental practice, and to ultimately erase the ‘I’ve been burnt in the past’ narrative boils down to two core metrics.

Client Results

We’re serious about results. Whilst most marketing agencies measure impressions, likes and clicks… we are obsessed with conversion metrics throughout the patient journey. From tracking lead flow, through to booked consultations, FTAs and case conversions, we’ve created systems to measure this data effortlessly and transparently. 

Our Patient Growth Mechanism plays a pivotal role in equipping practices to stay on course towards their goals and achieve results they’ve never achieved before. With us, it’s not just about growth’ it’s about setting new standards for defining success.

Client Experience

Remember when it was commonly accepted that you’d only hear from your marketing agency monthly, or maybe even quarterly? Well, things work differently at Searchbox. Why? It’s simple. Effective partnership is about collaboration, treating your business like it’s our own. We create effective systems and processes to ensure our clients are closely connected with us and can access our help and support in real time.

As partners committed to a growth journey, would you accept anything less?

The drivers of growth at Searchbox

Meet our directors

Brendan Lewis

With an engineering background and significant industry experience spanning 15+ years in operations management and business leadership, Brendan asks probing questions to identify key issues and opportunities for business growth. As a highly sought-after consultant, Brendan loves nothing more than helping entrepreneurs, business owners and company leaders to increase business productivity and unlock bottlenecks.

As the creator of the Patient Growth Mechanism, Brendan has been instrumental in leveling up client results by bringing marketing and sales together, with a strong focus on the customer journey. Brendan is passionate about effective communication and actively spends time ‘on the ground floor’ with dental teams to build confidence in communication, and thereby increasing patient conversions.

Ankita Lewis

As Co-Founder and COO, Ankita leads a powerhouse team at Searchbox. With an eye for data and genius-level capabilities in online advertising, Ankita has consistently been recognised by her peers as one of the most talented online advertising brains in Australia. With over 300 client accounts under her belt that have achieved proven results in high-end service based niches, Ankita is closely connected with each of our Searchbox clients whilst providing  coaching, support and leadership for our growing team at Searchbox.

Ankita has over a decade of marketing experience and is passionate about results and business growth. She is the creator of our highly successful RAPID Methodology and RAPIDconvert platform.

In the community 

Driving change, pioneering progressing and creating social impact 

Searchbox seeks to be part of causes that have a positive impact within our community. Currently, our Co-Founder, Brendan Lewis, sits on the Board of Uniting Smiles, a WA-based dental charity that supports and contributes funding to WA dental volunteering projects. Their ultimate vision is to build a purpose-built dental practice in Perth, which would provide essential dental care for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Ready to level up your dental practice with more high ticket production? 

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