Expert coaching by Brendan Lewis

Build capability, confidence and collaboration across your team with effective communication coaching.

Are you struggling to create a reliable system for attracting and converting high end cases?

The dental industry is changing rapidly. There has never been more competition for the hearts and minds of cosmetic and restorative dental patients. Gone are the days of lifelong patient loyalty to the local dental practice. Today’s patients are savvy, with more choices and higher expectations.

To continue winning the hearts and minds of your ideal patients, you need to evolve.

Yes, traditional marketing and word-of-mouth have their place, but to really stand out as the trusted, go-to cosmetic or restorative dentist in your community, you need something more.

You need a strategy that’s as dynamic and innovative as the market itself.

Ultimately, your marketing, patient communication and patient experience all need to work hand-in-hand to create effective outcomes.

Understanding all aspects of the patient journey

Our clients get exclusive access to effective communication coaching, led by Brendan Lewis, our Co-Founder and Head of Growth. With a rich background spanning over 15 years in business leadership, sales, operational management and business consulting, Brendan brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching sessions.

As the creator of our Patient Growth Mechanism, he has honed simple yet powerful strategies, drawing insights from various industries, to elevate your team’s patient communication from awkward to confident.

Our coaching is more than just imparting knowledge; it’s about instigating a paradigm shift in how dental practices approach business, creating relationships with patients and converting high ticket production cases.

Converting cases is no longer something you can leave up to the dentist. The case conversion starts at the front desk and involves your entire team. Teamwork and collaboration are key to your success. We’re here to give you the tools and secrets to unlocking this success.

Deliver personalised automation campaigns to help engage with your target audience

Our Patient Growth Mechanism plays a pivotal role in equipping practices to stay on course towards their goals and achieve results they’ve never achieved before. With us, it’s not just about growth’ it’s about setting new standards for defining success.

LIVE weekly coaching calls that are practical and tailored

Brendan’s LIVE weekly coaching calls focus on solving practical problems your team face throughout the patient journey. Coaching is specifically tailored to turning leads into booked appointments, and ultimately into successful case conversions and high ticket production for your practice.

Training for the whole team

Our coaching isn’t just for front desk staff; it encompasses every team member involved in the patient journey, from clinicians to treatment coordinators. We believe that every touchpoint with a patient is an opportunity.

Mindset and confidence building

Beyond just skills and strategies, Brendan’s coaching aims to transform the mindset and belief systems of practice teams. This shift helps them to better understand patient psychology and become more proactive and confident in engaging with patients.

Accountability through innovation

We record and track your interactions, allowing for real-time feedback and coaching using RAPIDconvert, ensuring that strategies are not just taught, but effectively implemented and adjusted as needed.


Our coaching doesn’t just wait for practices to come to them with problems; they proactively monitor client progress and reach out with solutions and support before issues might fully surface.

Long-term impact vision

Brendan aims not just to improve individual practices but to elevate the dental industry by empowering practices to communicate better, leading to more informed patient decisions and improved societal outcomes related to dental health and confidence.
It’s about flipping the script on traditional patient communication, and embracing the new era of building meaningful relationships and running your practice like a thriving business.

Access coaching on-demand with RAPID University

RAPID University contains over 30 hours of on-demand training content for receptionists, client experience managers (CEMs), dentists and treatment coordinators. With engaging content designed to help your team to better appreciate patient psychology and their important role in building effective client relationships that build trust, you now have the blueprint for transformative change.

Success stories with proven results

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