RAPID University

On-demand coaching to take your patient communication from awkward to confident.

Coaching modules that disrupt the traditional norms

Entrepreneurial practice owners know that successful dental practices of the future need to ditch the traditional norms and flip the script on patient experience. But how do you embed a transformative approach to patient communication and become a practice focused on patient outcomes in such a way that creates a lasting competitive advantage?

Transform your patient experience

Thanks to RAPID University’s coaching modules, you don’t have to do this all yourself. RAPID University contains over 30 hours of on-demand training content for receptionists, client experience managers (CEMs), dentists and treatment coordinators. With engaging content designed to help your team to better appreciate patient psychology and their important role in building effective client relationships that build trust, you now have the blueprint for transformative change.

Ready to level up your dental practice with more high ticket production? 

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