Fix patient show up rates by 70% with this.

Are high no-show rates for initial consultations plaguing your dental practice? 

It’s a common challenge faced by many, with some practices reporting no-show rates as high as 50%! In this article, we explore a strategy often overlooked by dental practices—a strategy that can significantly improve show-up rates for initial consultations. 

Fixing show-up rates for consultations actually starts with the initial conversation with the patient, which might usually occur over the phone after the patient makes an enquiry.

Building value in the initial consult

When it comes to encouraging patients to show up for their initial consults, simply sending booking reminders or implementing refundable deposits might not be enough. What’s crucial is building value in the minds of patients about why attending the consult is beneficial for them. This involves positioning the consult as a valuable step in their journey towards achieving their dental goals.

Understanding patient needs

To effectively build value in initial consultations, it’s essential to understand the patient’s perspective. Asking the right questions before offering to book the patient for a consultation can provide valuable insights into their motivations and desires. 

Questions such as “What made you decide to reach out to us?” and “How do you feel about your smile right now?” help tailor the consultation to meet the patient’s specific needs and expectations.

Transitioning to value-building conversations

Armed with the answers to these questions, your front desk team can transition seamlessly into value-building conversations with prospective patients. By highlighting how the initial consult aligns with the patient’s goals and desires, the value of attending becomes clear and compelling.

Results of implementing value-building strategies

Implementing this approach has yielded remarkable results for dental practices. One client saw a doubling of their show-up rates by focusing on building value from the patient’s perspective. Front desk staff were motivated by the positive outcomes and the genuine connections formed with patients.

Differentiating your practice

By prioritising value-building conversations, your practice sets itself apart from the competition. Patients appreciate the personalised approach and the emphasis on addressing their specific needs and concerns. It’s not just about booking appointments; it’s about creating meaningful experiences for patients.

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Improving show-up rates for initial consultations isn’t just about implementing standard reminders or deposit policies. It’s about understanding the value of the consult from the patient’s perspective and effectively communicating that value. 

By asking the right questions and building value in initial consultations, dental practices can enhance patient engagement, increase show-up rates, and ultimately, build better businesses.

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