Is this costing you 30-50k / month in lost production?

It’s 2023 and in this era, patient experience is everything. 

Is your practice leaving 30-50k of lost production on the table, month in, month out?

If you’re serious about delivering the best possible service to your patients and staying ahead of your competition, then keep reading.

Here are 5 things that are costing your practice 30-50k in lost production every month:

1. Being too technical

There are no gold stars for knowing it all and showcasing your technical knowledge. Today, if you can turn complex into simple, and speak the same language as your patients… you’ll have their trust.

2. Not listening enough 

They say that we have two ears and one mouth, so that we can listen more than we speak. To build true value with your patients, focus on them. Ask great questions. Listen carefully to what they’re saying… you’ll build huge rapport just by helping them to feel heard.

3. Offering solutions without first understanding your patients’ wants and needs

It’s not about selling, it’s about listening and asking the right questions. Giving your patient the feeling that they have full control of the process, but helping them to narrow down their options. Having your treatment coordinator or front desk team take the time to better understand why the patient is making an enquiry or requesting a consultation? What outcome do they want, specifically? 

4. Not ‘asking for the sale’

Your patient didn’t waste their time to travel all the way to your clinic, meet with you, just to leave with no clear plan on what comes next. Respect your patients. Step through the treatment plan, confidently and clearly outline your pricing. Show leadership in helping them explore next steps and don’t forget to ask for the sale! 

5. Not handling objections effectively

Here are a few typical objections that we are sure you hear far too often. Question is, how do you handle them?

I’ll think about it.

I need to check with my partner.

That’s too expensive.

Send me more information.

In our LIVE TRAINING video, that we normally share with our private clients, we discuss how exactly you can handle these objections. If you would like to gain access to this video, simply get in touch with our team via this link and write the word “FREE TRAINING” and we will send it over. It’s all part of our Patient Growth Mechanism.

Here’s to building better businesses, together.