Success leaves clues: 16 high-end consults booked in 6 days

There’s an age-old adage: “Success leaves clues.” Delve into any victorious journey, and you’ll invariably find patterns and actions that set the winners apart. In the world of dental practices, these markers are no different.

The stellar rise of an Australian dental practice

Consider the recent trajectory of an Australian-based dental practice we partnered with. Spread across three locations, their commitment to success was palpable from day one. They didn’t just follow our recommendations – they went above and beyond.

And the results? Just six days post the launch of their advertising campaigns, a staggering 16 high-end consults were secured.

The Numbers That Speak Volumes:

  • Campaign launch date: Friday 14th July
  • Status as of Thursday 20th July: 16 high-end consults booked
  • Total advertising spend: A mere $693
  • Total high-quality enquiries generated: 21 (acquired at a phenomenal $33 each)
  • Conversion rate from lead to booked consult: An astounding 76%, dwarfing the typical 30% we see across our client base.
  • Cost per booked appointment? An unbelievable $43.
  • The Lessons: 5 Hallmarks of a Successful Dental Practice

What can we learn from their results? 

Here are great 5 business lessons from this case study:

1. Take accountability for your own results. Marketing alone will not put patients for high end treatments into your chairs. Take accountability, call your leads, show interest in them and their enquiries.

2. Train your staff or find them the training they need. A polished and confident front desk team trained in patient communication and sales can give you leverage like you’ve never had before. As a practice owner, what are you doing to drive this improvement in your business? The tooth fairy is not going to come and save you…

3. You can’t win by being average. How far are you willing to go to win your patient’s trust? How much are you willing to go the extra mile to provide your patients with the kind of patient experience that is genuine, world class and meaningful?

4. Use systems and KPIs to manage your core processes. Yes, your front desk and patient experience are processes. Very important processes. Do you track how soon your front desk team contacts new enquiries that come through? How many times does your team follow up with new enquiries to attempt to get in touch with them? Do you record calls and listen back to them to see where the improvement opportunities are? Are your staff clear on the minimum expectations and KPIs that are critical to their roles?

5. Create a role that specifically focuses on your patient experience for high end consults. This person’s single focus and accountability is following up on new enquiries, building rapport with prospective patients, booking them into their initial consults and then following up on their treatment plans to help them take a step forward towards starting their treatment. 

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