Lead Quality vs Buying Intent – The Common Mistake Dental Practices Make…

Here’s the situation:

You’re sitting in your practice and you hear the front desk team chatting about the most recent lead they spoke with… “Ah, it was just such a bad quality lead. They weren’t even interested to pay a deposit for the consult!”

Sound familiar?

Well, the inability to differentiate between lead quality and buying intent is costing dental practices thousands in lost production each month.

Ready to discover the crucial difference between lead quality and patient buying intent that can transform your practice success overnight?

To win patients in 2023, it’s essential to understand that lead quality is just the tip of the iceberg.

True patient buying intent is earned through building rapport and establishing unwavering trust with your potential patients.

I’ve just released a LIVE training call with some of our private clients where we delve into this game-changing concept.

In this training, we’ll hear LIVE from one of our clients, who will share their real-life experiences in building rapport, the 3 key questions they ask new leads, and how creating scarcity inspires action from prospects.

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Key insights from the training session

In our recent live training, we delved deep into some pivotal aspects of patient acquisition and conversion strategies. These strategies aren’t mere theoretical concepts; they are tried, tested, and actionable. If you missed our session or need a refresher, here are the top takeaways, elucidated for better understanding:

1. Lead Quality vs. Buying Intent: More than Just a Lead

The Difference: It’s paramount to distinguish between mere ‘interest’ and ‘intent’. While a high-quality lead signifies a potential patient with an interest in your service, buying intent indicates a much deeper commitment—the potential patient’s readiness to avail your service.

Why It Matters: Understand this – not all leads are ready to convert. By focusing on buying intent, practices can prioritise leads that are closer to making a decision. This ensures resources, like time and money, are optimally utilised, ultimately transforming your practice’s patient acquisition approach.

2. Building genuine rapport: Not just another interaction

Beyond First Impressions: While first impressions are significant, building rapport is about cultivating trust and establishing a genuine connection over time.

Actionable Strategies: Rapport isn’t built on empty pleasantries. It’s about active listening, showing empathy, and understanding patient concerns. This means, during initial consultations, it’s less about pushing your services and more about understanding the patient’s needs, fears, and expectations.

3. Top 3 questions: Unraveling the true intent

Why Questions Matter: The right questions can peel back layers, revealing a patient’s true intent. It’s not about having a script but about understanding the motivations driving a patient’s decisions.

The Golden Trio:

“What prompted you to consider this treatment now?” This question delves into the immediate motivators.

“Have you explored this treatment before, and if so, what held you back?” This provides insights into past hesitations or barriers.

“How do you see this treatment improving your life or addressing your concerns?” This helps understand their long-term vision and aspirations.

These questions don’t just gather information; they showcase your genuine interest in the patient’s well-being, bolstering trust and rapport.

4. The power of scarcity: Harnessing the fear of missing out

Scarcity as a Tool: At its core, scarcity is a psychological trigger. When something is in limited supply or available for a limited time, it becomes more desirable.

Implementing Scarcity: For dental practices, this could mean limited-time offers on treatments or highlighting limited slots for consultations. But use this tool judiciously. Scarcity shouldn’t feel like a high-pressure sales tactic but should convey the genuine value and exclusivity of what you’re offering.

The Result: By integrating the concept of scarcity, practices can prompt potential patients to move from contemplation to action. This not only boosts conversions but also reinforces the unique value proposition of your services.

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