Why ads won’t work for you… (unless you’re like Dr Simon)

Paid ads alone won’t cut it for attracting and converting high end patients. 

Picture this: you invest in paid ads, eagerly anticipating an influx of high-end patients.

But here’s the untold truth – without exceptional front desk phone skills, professional patient communication, and a 5-star patient experience, your paid ads might fall short… leaving you dissatisfied and wondering how your competitors seem to do it so easily.

It’s time to unveil the missing link that separates high-end patient success from mere efforts.

Consider this question for a second…

What’s the difference between lead quality and buying intent when it comes to marketing? Or is there a difference at all?

Recently, our private client group coaching call heard from Dr Simon… one of our best performing clients (highest ROI, highest lead to booked appt ratios, lowest FTA rates), a master in his field, having grown an exceptional dental business boasting multiple locations.

His assessment was brutal and eye-opening.

Here are some tips, direct from Dr Simon, relating to his team’s consistent success from our paid advertising strategy:

  1. Don’t blame lead quality if you’re getting price objections or feeling like patients want to ‘shop around’… that’s on your ability to build rapport. It’s as simple as that.
  2. Be prepared to connect with and respond to your leads outside of your 9-5. Your patients are in a socially engaged state when it’s convenient for them… and that’s usually in the evenings and on weekends. If you aren’t connecting with your leads in the first 5 minutes, then you’re losing production.
  3. Don’t avoid handling or approaching objections. Embrace being uncomfortable. If you’re fearful of confidently stating your price, then practice with your team in a role play setting, for as long as it takes until you feel comfortable.
  4. Aim for same day or next day appointment slots, to reduce the chance of patients losing interest in attending your clinic for a consultation.
  5. Get your entire team on board with the patient journey. Everyone plays their part in ensuring a 5-star patient experience. Patients will only decide to go ahead with treatment at your practice if they feel a true sense of trust and security with you, your practice and your staff.

At its core, this is why our Patient Growth Mechanism exists.

It’s not just the highly customised and captivating paid advertising campaigns we create for our clients.

But it’s the systems, processes, support and coaching we put around your practice to ensure that you have what you need to succeed.

And by success, we’re talking about results like:

Dr. S, with 87 new patient bookings in 45 days and a treatment pipeline that topped a staggering $1m.

Dr. D, who’s Invisalign Open Day, raked in 21 bookings, 12 case acceptances, and £52k in cash – an ROI of a mind-boggling 1,100%!

A 4-chair Dental Practice added an extra $48k per month for 12 months (and counting!). We’re now replicating this success for their second dental practice. 

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