5 Tips to Convert your Enquiries into Meaningful Revenue

Hard earned leads falling through your hands? 🤯

There is a better way.

Here are 5 tips to fix the leaks and start converting your enquiries into meaningful revenue.


Use a CRM or lead management tool. Our clients use RAPIDconvert for tracking, managing and qualifying their enquiries.


Get in touch with your enquiries within 5 minutes of them being received. Any longer, and you could spend days and weeks trying to make contact.


Use a script for your initial qualifying conversations. It helps by giving you confidence and creates structure for the conversation. And it reduces variability in the sales process.


Follow up. If someone reaches out with an enquiry, then follow them up. Don't just try once or twice and give up. Try every few days for a few weeks, in different ways. And then add them to your nurture sequence to reactivate at another time.


Make a list of common objections you receive. Develop some scripts around how to navigate and handle them with confidence.

Examples of improvements:

💥 One of our UK dental practice clients started booking 70% of enquiries into paid appointments after tweaking their scripts and tonality. Previously, they’d been struggling to convert even 20% of enquiries into paid appointments.

💥 Home building client started using a CRM to track enquiries and found that they could 3x their monthly sales by simply tracking their lead follow ups. Previously, they had no visibility on how soon and how effectively enquiries were being followed up. Imagine that… 3x in sales just from better visibility 🤯

Just a few tweaks can go a long way towards seeing massive #ROI improvements in your marketing.

Here’s to building better businesses, together!

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