7 Ways to Sell Out Your Facebook Events

Facebook Events are really easy to set up and are the go-to tool for promoting special events, discounts, sales and classes in your area. Here’s a fact for you… Each day, 35 million people view a public event on Facebook. And each month, over 700 million people use Facebook events to market their own events. That is A LOT of eyeballs that could potentially be scrolling and clicking on your event!! 

Did you know you could boost your Facebook Event to gain even more reach? 

If your previous attempts to run Facebook Events didn’t attract the interest you were hoping for, then read ahead for our top 7 ways to sell out your next Facebook Event;

1. Maximise your organic reach first. Before paying to boost an event, it’s good to maximize the organic distribution so that you can get as many responses as possible for free. If an event gains traction within a local area it can feature within the “events you may like” section and if several friends of a particular Facebook user like it, it can feature in their “popular with friends” section. Ask your friends to share your event so it has the potential to be distributed organically.

 2. Make it easy – your customers don’t have to leave Facebook just to buy tickets to the event. How frustrating is it when you have to jump through hurdles just to book tickets to an event? We’ve all been there! The goal is to make the user experience as simple as possible. If your event involves selling tickets, then integrate ticket sales directly with the Facebook event to ensure an easier user experience. An additional bonus of integrating ticketing sales within the Facebook Event is that you can use the Boost button for paid promotion, which automatically gives you the option to choose ticket sales as the campaign goal.

3. Ramp your ad spend leading up to the big day. If your event is a one-off and doesn’t require much more than people just turning up on the day, then we recommend spending most of the paid ad budget within the 3-4 days leading up to the event. This would mean that the event is distributed organically or with a small ad budget in days or weeks prior to the event. You’d then ramp up your ad spend in the 3-4 days leading up to the event.

 4. Make sure that your Facebook Pixel is set up and running and correctly installed on all your web pages (including Landing Pages) Making sure your Pixel is working properly is critical as you will know and be able to track how many purchases came directly from your Facebook Event so you can measure your ROI (Return On Investment).

5. When using Facebook Ads Manager – Choose the correct marketing objective. In Ads Manager When you are creating new campaigns, Facebook offers different marketing objectives to choose from. Make sure if you are offering tickets to your event that you select ‘Conversions’ as your marketing objective. As ultimately your goal is to ‘convert’ those customers into purchasing tickets for your event! This also leads onto the next point…

 6. Using Custom Audiences based on Facebook event responses, run an ad campaign to everyone who has responded to the event as “interested” and give them a special offer to ensure that they come along.

 7. Use Social Proof. Social proof instantly boosts the credibility of your events and is a powerful emotional trigger to get people interested in your event. This means that if your event has a lot of people interested or attending the event and has been shared organically many many times, people will click on the event to see what all the fuss is about!

Key takeaway

It usually takes a few different touchpoints for potential customers to finally make their purchase to your event and we need to hit them from all different angles to make your event a sell-out success!

One of the easiest ways is with Facebook Events and making sure that you streamline the purchase process to limit the ‘hurdles’ that your customers need to jump through. Installing your Facebook pixel will help you to retarget your audiences like a boss and convert them to attendees, taking advantage of paid advertising like boosting your event or putting ad spend on a few weeks or days prior to your event. And the biggest one of all – social proof. People trust their friends’ recommendations and online reviews. By using these tactics we can promise you, you will be well on your way to selling out your next Facebook Event!

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