The Retargeting Series 2 of 3 – Drive Qualified Leads Using Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting

In our previous blog, we discussed the reasons why retargeting is essential for your marketing funnel. As we continue our journey through the Retargeting Series, we introduce ways to drive qualified leads using search retargeting and site retargeting. Want to engage with those prospects who are looking for you but are yet to find your website? Read on to find out how search retargeting allows you to reach and educate your prospective customers even if they have never seen your website.

Search Retargeting

Let’s consider Jane, a busy mum of 3 kids, who is looking to purchase a fascinator for an upcoming Ladies Day event. Jane jumps on Google and searches for hats and fascinators. The volume of search listings that appear quickly overwhelms her, and she clicks two or three links but decides to defer her search to later in the day. After all, she is busy and has plenty to do before the kids finish school that day.

image of retargeting result for the keyword fascinators

As a business that sells hats and fascinators online, you want to show ads to people like Jane, who are searching for terms or keywords relating to your products or services. The objective is to show targeted ads to prospects like Jane at the keyword level to drive qualified traffic to your website, by capturing people’s interest while they are actively searching for terms related to your products and services.

 Later that day, Jane jumps onto her web browser to read a news article. Conveniently, as Jane is scrolling through the article, a banner ad promoting fascinators appears. How timely to capture her attention at that moment! She had completely forgotten about it. Jane clicks through the banner ad and is re-directed to your website, where she selects and purchases the fascinator that best matches the dress she has picked out for the big day. Jane is so relieved to have ticked something off her to-do list, and you’re happy to have served another satisfied customer. 

Picture example of retargeting ads

Site retargeting

Now we introduce Daniel, Jane’s husband and busy father to 3 kids. Daniel knows that Jane’s birthday is coming up, and he’s decided to purchase an evening clutch hand bag for his wife. Daniel finds a website that sells evening clutch hand bags, and is about to make a purchase when he realizes that he should double check Jane’s colour preferences before making the purchase. He abandons his shopping cart and hopes that he can find the same website later that day to complete the purchase.

Research shows that almost 75% of online customers are likely to abandon their shopping carts prior to making a purchase. Without retargeting, just 8% of those customers return to complete their transactions. With retargeting, 26% of customers will return to complete the checkout process. Furthermore, just 2% of users will convert the first time they visit your website, whether it be to complete a purchase, fill out a lead form or to take some other desired action. Site retargeting keeps your brand top of mind to your website visitors, continuing the conversation and educating them as they browse the web.

Daniel is browsing through his Facebook feed later that evening and sees an ad in his news feed with exactly the same clutch bag that he was looking at earlier in the day. How timely to capture his attention at that moment! Having confirmed Jane’s colour preference earlier that day, Daniel clicks through the Facebook ad and is re-directed to your website, where he selects and purchases an evening clutch bag for Jane.

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Picture explaining method of facebook remarketing

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