3 HUGE Takeaways from Pacific Smiles Group’s Half Year Report

Pacific Smiles Group recently shared their half-year insights, offering valuable lessons for dental practices striving to attract high-value cases. With 109 practices nationwide, and a leading position in the $10B dental sector, Pacific Smiles is aiming to set the standard for success. 

Here are the key elements of their unique business strategy: 

#1 Restorative and cosmetic services are on the rise 

One key takeaway from Pacific Smiles’ insights is the increasing demand for restorative and cosmetic services. As cosmetic procedures gain popularity and the population ages, there’s a clear uptick in demand for these services. This trend presents a significant opportunity for dental practices to scale by focusing on restorative and cosmetic treatments.

#2 Attracting and retaining staff is vital 

With over 800 staff members, Pacific Smiles understands the importance of attracting and retaining top talent. Their desire is clear: a workspace that allows staff to fully utilise their skills, and feel fulfilled in their roles. By ensuring a pipeline filled with high-value cases, dental practices can keep their best clinicians satisfied, engaged and committed to the practice.

#3 Patient experience is in key focus

Pacific Smiles recognises the importance of prioritising the patient experience from start to finish. From enhancing patient communication systems to implementing new treatment planning software, they’ve revamped their approach to address gaps in the patient journey.

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