10 Tips to Lift Your Show Up Rates

In cosmetic dentistry, generating leads alone won’t deliver you a sustainable and profitable ROI from your paid advertising investment.

Instead, it’s what happens with those leads that counts.

For instance, our best clients are booking 5-7 consultations for every 10 leads generated.

Others struggle to book 2 consultations for every 10 leads generated.

What’s the difference?

Well… it’s simple.

Having the right framework for managing leads and building confidence with patient communication.

Here are our Top 10 tips for increasing the number of booked appointments you’re getting as a proportion of total lead flow… do this well and you’ll be able to:

✅ Reduce patient acquisition costs
✅ Increase bookings & show up rates
✅ Reduce frustration
✅ Scale your practice profitably

Our 10 Top Tips for Booking More Consults & Increasing Your Show-Up Rates

  1. Immediate Response: Get in touch with your leads within 5mins of them making an enquiry.
  2. Persistence is Key: They didn’t answer on your first attempt? Don’t give up. Try at least 5-7 times over the next 5 days.
  3. First Impressions Count: On the phone, ask the right questions to create rapport and build value. We coach our clients on 3 key questions to help your prospects to really open up with you.
  4. Build Value: Positioning the next step for your leads is important. What’s the initial appointment or free consultation all about? What’s in it for them to attend?
  5. Act Fast: Set the appointment on the same day or within 48-72 hours into the future.
  6. Warm Welcome: Send a welcome video or a personalised email to help your prospects with what to expect in their first consultation.
  7. Put it in the Calendar: Make sure you’re sending a calendar invitation with clear show up location details.
  8. Automated Reminders: These can significantly reduce no-show rates.
  9. Personal Touch: Reach out with a personal call on the day prior to the appointment to see if they have any questions (use this as an opportunity to further build rapport).
  10. Be OK with Cancellations: It’s better to reschedule than face a last-minute ghosting. Life happens, and sometimes patients do need to reschedule. Provide simple ways for the patient to reschedule their appointment.

Found this useful? Implement quickly.
Why not implement two or three of these changes immediately into your practice?
Perfection is the killer of progress. The best way to level up your performance is to implement quickly, learn fast and then improve.

Need help?
When we partner with our clients, it’s not just about running their ads. Beyond the ad copy and creatives, we go deep into the patient journey. It’s about the systems, processes, and frameworks we share with our clients to enhance patient communication and implement patient journey workflows. We can achieve incredible results working together thanks to the tailored coaching and support we offer each of our clients.

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