Lead generation services that deliver impactful results, on repeat.

There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with waving at your competitors, as you overtake them. That’s exactly what our business partners have experienced. Will you be next?

Numbers don’t lie. Our lead generation services are backed by data, stats and tangible results.

Once we set up your social media lead generation campaign, it doesn’t stop there. We consistently keep an eye on your lead generation campaign, ready to adjust, adapt, improve or even, re-do in order to ensure you yield the maximum results.

Working together will be a breeze, and right now, we have an opening to take on a selected number of clients. With limited availability and competitive industry vacancies, we encourage you to apply now.

Hear, firsthand,
from a few of our recent collaborators.

Hari & Vilas of Rockingham Dental CentreNot Yet Rated

Dr. Hari Menon & Dr. Vilas Menon

Rockingham Dental Centre

We had such a huge influx of high-quality leads coming in within the first few weeks of working with Searchbox, that the Rockingham Dental team had actually begged us to tell the Searchbox team to pause the campaigns just so they to keep up with the patients booked.

Kim Mei

The Dental Suite

Within 2 weeks we were able to launch a highly targeted veneer and Invisalign campaign that attracted the high-quality lifetime patients we have been looking for.


Maylands Dental Centre

We are now getting patients who are genuinely interested in a procedure, and are already sold on the treatment options by the time they talk to us. This makes converting a consultation that much easier for the Maylands Dental team!

Corey Jones

Motivate Property Group

The leads I've received since they began was more than I expected, but more importantly was the quality. Since working with them I've exceeded my goals. Searchbox gets results.

Curtis Mclean

Kiwi Homes in Perth

They increased the number of leads by 25% and with half the advertising cost. The leads are good quality, and I'm dealing with genuine buyers.

Aaron Bennett

Gemmill Homes

From working with Searchbox, our cost per lead dropped from $400 to less than $20...and they've given us a much better lead quality. Their proactive approach has allowed us to achieve results we've never achieved before.



With Searchbox, we've seen a massive decrease in our cost per click which means less spending and more customers.

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Before Searchbox, we were struggling to get quality leads with our Facebook ads. After they came along, they increased the number of leads we were getting by 25%, and with half the advertising cost. When the leads started coming through, I was absolutely pumped, because they were of good quality and I was dealing with genuine buyers. Searchbox has helped us reach more of our ideal customers and as a result, we have been able to help a lot more people get into their own homes.

We get very clear communication from Searchbox, they treat my company as if it were their own. Above all, they are completely transparent in their approach to us. I recommend Searchbox to businesses looking for an agency who deliver on what they promise. They brought us amazing results and are a pleasure to work with.

Curtis Mclean

Kiwi Homes in Perth

Searchbox has been an integral part of our marketing over the past 12 months and has helped us grow our leads, improve our signups and understand the importance of the digital world. Expanding from two locations to three having the personal service, knowledge and expertise from Ankita has been absolutely key.

From creating highly targeted social media campaigns to building our awesome email automation system. Searchbox cares about our marketing and it shows in the results.

Justin Lacey

Laceys Gym

With both our Goodlife and Gemmill divisions, Searchbox was able to drastically reduce our cost per lead. With the initial Goodlife campaign, working with Searchbox dropped the cost per lead from over $400 to less than $20. We provide them with a brief and then leave the Searchbox team to deliver on the lead generation, enabling me to focus on my sales team and converting the high-quality leads.

What has really stood out is the times the team have gone above and beyond to assist with requests that may have been outside their scope of work. Their proactive approach has allowed us to achieve results we have never achieved before. I recommend Searchbox for anyone looking for fresh ideas and innovation in the digital space. They deliver on what they say.

Aaron Bennett

Gemmill Homes

The Searchbox team has been helping us with our social media ad campaigns and website for almost 12 months now. Our campaigns have strengthened month on month. The quality of leads is superior to anything we have ever seen before. Searchbox has assisted us to launch 3 new studios, we set some difficult targets for Searchbox to meet for opening trials sold, they managed to surpass our targets, something that no other agency has been able to do before.

Ankita always puts in the extra work on each campaign until it is performing perfectly. We know she treats our business as if it was her own and that’s a quality that we have not been able to find over the years working with numerous other agencies. We highly recommend partnering with Searchbox.

Matej Varhalik

SpeedFit Australia