Nurturing leads using effective marketing automation

Save time and money while improving efficiency, with marketing automation.

After securing highly-qualified leads into your pipeline, the last thing your business needs is for them to be forgotten, and for them to go cold. At Searchbox, we won’t let that happen.

The answer lies within marketing automations, or automated lead nurturing. By implementing a set and forget system, your prospects will get all the time and attention they need, converting them into loyal customers of your business.

We attract, capture and streamline leads to turn them into lifelong, paying customers.

Did you know that only 2-5% of your visitors are ready to buy when they first hit your website? Marketing automations allow you to have a living and breathing system, encompassing a full customer journey lifecycle that is always on. This system is always checking on your prospects, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

You probably didn’t think it was possible. But it is… we focus on automating your customer journey and nurturing your leads to generate maximum value from your paid advertising efforts. From beginning to end, we can automate the entire process to give you time back in your day.

Deliver personalised automation campaigns to help engage with your target audience

Effective CRM strategies

Most businesses deal with leads in a very immediate, reaction-based way. Through an effective longevity strategy, all the campaigns we set in motion flow into an integrated CRM system, to help you manage the leads and your workflow. The technology will equip your business to automate sales and marketing tasks, nurture your middle-of-funnel leads, manage your ready-to-purchase leads and track your ROI, therefore enabling you to make strategic data-driven marketing decisions.

Email automations

Email marketing automations are a blend of software and strategy. Once you capture highly-qualified leads, email automations allow you to nurture these prospects with highly personalised, useful content that helps convert them into your loyal customers. Successful email marketing automation strategies will reduce friction and speed up your flywheel, helping you build upon and develop relationships with your consumers.

Lead nurturing

Most of the qualified leads that you have funneled into your database are not necessarily ready to commit to your brand right this second. The mistake that a lot of businesses make is that they focus solely on the leads that are ready to buy now, forgetting the leads that are still in the middle of the funnel phase of their journey (A.K.A. are tossing and turning on their decision). At Searchbox, we can look after your long-term lead nurturing sequences to keep the conversation going with your prospects; so that when they are finally ready to commit to your offer, they haven’t been forgotten or fallen off the radar.

SMS marketing

By the very nature of a text, your message has to be short, sweet and to the point. Making it a dynamic method to reach your target audience. As the use of mobile phones has become an everyday staple for consumers, SMS Marketing is becoming a no-brainer to reach your end user.

Leveraging off your industry-specific knowledge, let’s work together to create marketing automation campaigns that deliver value straight to your bottom-line.

Our RAPID Methodology has proven to propel your business to the next level by generating quality leads. Once we implement the custom digital advertising strategy, we initially test a portion of the market and then optimise before scaling the budget to give you the best possible results.