Are you looking for a consistent way to higher sales?

No ongoing ad budget needed. No scalable spending required. SEO is the “organic” way of getting your business in front of more eyes, which means more clicks, more leads and more sales. And that’s what Searchbox delivers: SEO that pulls prospects away from their searches and onto your website

Are you looking for a consistent way to higher sales?

Place your website in pole position

16.9 million. That’s how many Australians visit Google over a 4-week period. Amongst those are loads of leads who could potentially see your site… but only if your site is ranking for the right keywords. Those right keywords are what we find for you, and this is how we do it:


Website & Competitor Review

We run a website diagnostic, to test how well your content can be crawled and indexed to rank on page 1 by Google. This step is crucial so that we can understand how to position you to crush your competition.


Website Optimisation

Based on our website diagnostic findings, we develop tactics to get your website noticed by Google and your ideal customers. We work on your keywords, meta tags, strong calls to action (CTA), quality user experience (UX) and website architecture.


Build Your Authority

We make you the authority figure in your industry by producing well researched and relevant content. And by building and earning your website contextual links.


Measure, Refine and Repeat

This step is our point of difference. It is what makes us… Searchbox. We constantly re-audit, expose your competitors, refine the strategy and strike again. This keeps your website, and your business, positioned for maximum exposure to your prospective customers at all times.

While the results can take time to reflect, investing in SEO will be a game-changer for your online presence. The end result? As your site becomes tuned for better rankings, a thin trickle of traffic gradually becomes a stream. As time goes on, that stream becomes… you get what we’re talking about.

Get started with SEO

If you’re looking for a natural way of out-ranking your competitors and leading more prospects to your door, get started by speaking with an experienced SEO strategist.

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