SpeedFit Australia

SpeedFit Australia

Client: SpeedFit Australia

Services: Social Media Marketing & Website Improvements


Fast, efficient and deeply effective, SpeedFit turns everything you know about gym workouts on its head. Based on EMS training (electronic muscle stimulation), SpeedFit is a scientifically proven method used for decades in Europe for rehabilitation and sports medicine. SpeedFit is a franchise based model currently operating in 13 locations. SpeedFit came to Searchbox to improve their social media ad cost per conversion and increase enquiries from potential customers.

The process

An initial audit by Searchbox using Hotjar and Google Optimise showed that conversion rates were not optimal. The highest bounce rates appeared to come when prospective customers were trying to fill out the payment forms on the website. Searchbox optimised the website’s payment process and forms. Next, Searchbox ran a range of social media campaigns that delivered SpeedFit excellent results.

The Results

  • Opening of new studio saw results never seen before with the allocated budget.
  • 28% increase in trial packs sold when compared with previous openings
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 38%
  • Quality of leads improved providing a 50% close rate on memberships
  • First-time visits have increased by 15% month on month

Searchbox works with SpeedFit on individual campaigns and provides consulting on all marketing based activities. Moving forward, SpeedFit will be partnering with Searchbox to develop a lead nurturing strategy.


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