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Range Products

Client: Range Products

Services: Website E-commerce Strategy


Range Products is an e-commerce store that supplies to the needs of aromatherapy, fragrances, flavor, food and chemical industries. They have great products that are in high demand throughout the year. Moving from a traditional bricks and mortar store to ecommerce 6 years ago was a huge step in the right direction. Range Products needed a digital marketing partner they could trust with growing their online retail presence, but doing so in baby steps.

The Process

Following a website audit, Searchbox noted that the website was easy to use. However, there were many duplicated products and the website architecture required improvement. Searchbox developed a temporary solution to address the ‘low hanging fruit’ opportunities identified without undertaking a large website redevelopment.

Working with Range Products, Searchbox determined that Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Remarketing would be the most appropriate channels given their audience and budget.

The Results

  • 30% increase of revenue over 6 months
  • 44% increase in users to the website over 6 months
  • Clear improvement in brand awareness (social media engagement, walk-ins, referrals)

Searchbox is now working with Range Products on a website upgrade, and trialing a number of different marketing strategies. Range Products is a perfect example of a Searchbox client who trusts the process and continues to try new things and monitor results.

This client is now re-doing their website and opening up to try a number of different strategies with Searchbox and is a true example of a client who trusts the process and continues to try new things as they see results.

At Searchbox, we are happy to take baby steps with you. We want you to feel confident that your digital marketing investment is generating positive ROI for your business.


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