Mount Lawley

Mount Lawley
Mount Lawley

Client: Mount Lawley Physio Therapy & Podiatry

Services: Website, Social Media Ads, Google & Bing Ads


Mount Lawley Physiotherapy & Podiatry (MLPP) provide the best possible treatment for pain and injuries. They have a hands on approach and promote a preventative, long term approach to health care. Searchbox has worked with MLPP over the years to holistically strengthen their online presence.

The Process

Searchbox replaced MLPP’s old website with a brand new website that impressed customers from their first interaction with the business. MLPP was previously using Google AdWords Express with little success, and worked with Searchbox to switch to Google Ads. Following a spike in the bookings from the ads, Searchbox brought on additional services such as Bing Ads and Social Media Ads.

The Results

  • 34% of clinics bookings come from Google Ads & Bing Ads
  • 20% increase in clinic bookings year on year
  • Seamless booking experience for clients online

MLPP continues to work with Searchbox on a number of other digital projects.


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