Client: Roy L. McClusky

Services: Website & Social Media Strategy


Lacey’s Gym was created to empower and inspire through a unique boxing workout. The experience bridges the gap between boxing and fitness, with transformative benefits that offer something for everybody. Lacey’s Gym approached Searchbox, looking to expand their Social Media strategy.

The Process

Upon auditing the Lacey’s Gym website, Searchbox identified the website experience was lacking. There were significant exit rates, especially from social media ads. Searchbox developed a seamless UX and brand experience as part of a new and improved website. The objectives for the website improvements were to increase online exposure, create a website to reinforce the Lacey’s Gym brand and allow customers to view the online timetable with ease on mobile and desktop.

Lacey’s Gym did not have a social media strategy defined, with social media ads run on an ad-hoc basis. A social media marketing strategy was developed as a collaborative effort between Lacey’s Gym and Searchbox. As the new social media marketing strategy was implemented, new leads started being captured throughout the year. The results are shown below.

The Results

  • 19% increase in website traffic (YOY)
  • 22% decrease in bounce rate (YOY)
  • Sales from social media increased by 180%
  • Seamless timetable experience for customers on mobile and desktop

Searchbox continues to work closely with Lacey’s Gym. Searchbox is working with Lacey’s Gym this year to carry out a number of marketing automations to support their expanding network of boxing gyms.


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