The Retargeting Series 2 of 3 – Drive Qualified Leads Using Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting

In our previous blog, we discussed the reasons why retargeting is essential for your marketing funnel. As we continue our journey through the Retargeting Series, we introduce ways to drive qualified leads using search retargeting and site retargeting. Want to engage with those prospects who are looking for you but are yet to find your […]

9 Steps To Supercharge Your Sales Performance (Using Lead Nurturing)

Marketing lingo is always changing. When you start trying to communicate complex strategies, and the value of different tools to the higher-ups, speaking the right language is critical. Recently, marketing automation and lead nurturing are terms that have been considered synonymous. However, they are not the same. While each work closely together to achieve common […]

The Retargeting Series 3 of 3 – Highly Effective Retargeting Ad Tips to Drive Qualified Leads and Boost Sales

So far, our Retargeting Series blogs have explained why retargeting is essential for your marketing funnel and we have shown ways to use retargeting to drive qualified leads to your website. In our final feature of the Retargeting Series, we share some highly effective practical retargeting ad ideas to drive qualified leads and boost your […]