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Case Study

SpeedFit turns everything you know about gym workouts on its head. Based on EMS training (electronic muscle stimulation), SpeedFit uses decades worth of scientifically proven methods in Europe for rehabilitation and sports medicine. Their company is a franchise-based model currently operating in 13 locations.

The Problem

  • They were always having to exceed their marketing budget to achieve their lead acquisition targets.
  • They were not getting enough solid enquiries from potential customers due to lackluster lead quality.
  • Being a fairly new concept in Australia, there was a lot of education needed before people could understand what EMS training was all about (a know, like, trust problem).
  • They had already worked with 5 different agencies but weren’t able to achieve the results they were looking for.
  • Unable to properly accelerate franchise growth due to lacklustre leads each month
The Problem

Key Results

Rapid results

115 purchases
in just 6 weeks

High Quality

Lead quality rating:
9 out of 10

Lower Ad Spend

40% reduction
in lead acquisition costs

New Benchmark

“No other agency has brought the same results”

Want to experience the
same R.A.P.I.D™ growth?

Our Method

Just like how we always do it, everything starts with a large dose of deep research. We had to gather information about the target audience, the competitors, the company, the product, etc.

We also created and optimised SpeedFit’s Sales Funnels to efficiently and effectively drive all of the leads to the sale.

We created video ads that not only delivered a clear message to their target audience, but also educated them about the mechanisms of EMS training and the benefits to them from using EMS training.

We also made sure that the ads would only be displayed to people within the defined target audience – this would ensure the high conversion rates.

Of course, great ad targeting isn’t enough!

We also tweaked the SpeedFit offer to fit the target market.

After seeing a consistent stream of qualified leads start to come through, we also needed to make sure that we were turning these leads into paying customers.

To do that, we needed to stay in touch with the leads and nurture them until they were ready to sign-up!  What’s a better way to do that other than using Persuasive Email messages and follow-ups?

After all of those, it’s about CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization.

We introduced easier payment methods, optimized website design, improved sales copy, and added in a ton of success stories, testimonials, and social proof.

— all of that to plug the “Leaks” in the funnel and make the customer journey as smooth as possible!

Everything was worth it though!

Our Method

The Outcome

The results were unlike anything SpeedFit had seen before!

Using our strategy, SpeedFit was able to bring in 115 new customers in just 6 weeks!

While working with Searchbox, the SpeedFit team opened 3 new branches with each branch meeting their target of 100 new customers each!

In doing so, we helped SpeedFit to reduce their cost per Lead from $100 to $60.

And that’s the best part – that they received consistent results while only needing to spend 60% of their original marketing budget.

According to SpeedFit’s owners, no other agency that they had previously worked with were able to bring the same results that the Searchbox team was able to deliver!

That’s how we roll!

Our Method

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