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Case Study

Range Products have been supplying the special needs of aromatherapy, fragrances, flavour, food and chemical industries. They offer an extensive range of pure and natural essential oils. They also offer a range of carrier oils, floral waters, lanolin and fragrance free base products.

The Problem

Range Products had never previously run paid ad campaigns to drive online sales. They were looking to scale their revenues using paid ads.

The Problem

Key Results

Increased Sales

135 purchases in
just 8 weeks

High ROI

$22.91 in revenue for every $1 spent on ads

Low Cost Per Lead

$11.90 cost per lead


$1.6k spent
$24k+ in sales

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same R.A.P.I.D™ growth?

Our Method

We ran a campaign with a catalogue sales goal — dynamically retargeting those who visited the Range Products website over the past 90 days and excluding those who visited the website within the past 20 days.

We also used photo ads in carousel format featuring random products from the Range Products website with a SHOP NOW button on each product.

Our Method

The Outcome

Within 8 weeks, Range Products received 135 purchases at just $11.90 cost per purchase.

Their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): A whopping $22.91 for every $1 spent on marketing!

After spending just $1,606.95 on ads over 8 weeks, Range Products received $24k+ in sales as a result of their marketing investment!

Our Method

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