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Case Study

Perth Hypnosis Clinic is a leading hypnosis clinic based in Perth, infused with extensive experience, skill and genuine care with all their treatments. They understand that every person is different, and they tailor their solutions to suit their client needs.

The Problem

  • Unable to secure a steady stream of bookings each month, with marketing efforts not correlating with enquiries and booked appointments 
  • There was no specific strategy to nurture potential leads and turn them into clients
  • No clear strategy on how to generate leads and continue operating during the COVID-19 lockdown, which threatened to shut down the business
  • The client needed a way to target specific audiences and attract high quality leads without wasting time on low-quality leads that provided fake / incorrect contact information
The Problem

Key Results

Rapid Results

69 qualified leads in just 4 weeks

Incredible ROI

Leads were acquired at just $3.76 each

High Quality

Lead quality rating:
9 out of 10

Real Growth

2 new clinic locations opened to cope with demand

Want to experience the
same R.A.P.I.D™ growth?

Our Method

To break the shackles and start growing the business during the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped Perth Hypnosis Clinic to transition their hypnotherapy sessions and booking systems to be fully online. 

We convinced Perth Hypnosis Clinic of the opportunity to offer online hypnotherapy sessions (to quit smoking) at very affordable prices Australia-wide. The move online offered Perth Hypnosis Clinic access to an Australia-wide market, rather than targeting prospective audiences in Perth alone. 

This served as our trip-wire offer to get high-intent leads.

So how exactly did we attract and qualify these people?

It’s simple. 

We made sure to only show the ad creatives through precise Facebook ad targeting and qualified them with 2 questions, which they had to answer honestly. 

Doing things this way didn’t only helped us increase the amount of leads coming through for cheaper prices, but it also qualified each lead along the way.

As for the ads themselves, we focused on targeting interest-based audiences only and crafting creatives that we knew would create an emotional connection.  

We split test various headlines and ad copy to ensure maximum performance.

With consistent and targeted efforts, we were able to produce HUGE Results! The Searchbox team had effectively established a digital revenue machine for Perth Hypnosis Clinic.

Our Method

The Outcome

The Searchbox team had effectively established a digital revenue machine for Perth Hypnosis Clinic.

This ‘machine’ generated 69 high-quality leads in just 4 weeks with a cost per lead of $3.76

Thrilled with the dramatic increase in demand, Perth Hypnosis Clinic soon opened 2 new locations just to keep up with their demand!

Our Method

Let’s Grow

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