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Pemberton Robertson Family Lawyers

Case Study

Pemberton Robertson Family Lawyers are a boutique Family Law business that was established in Perth in January 2015. Reputed for their unique and authentic approach, they are focussed on providing a premium and efficient legal service. Their no-nonsense approach to the law has seen the firm achieve the best possible outcomes for countless clients, which includes married and de facto parties, over the years.

The Problem

  • ZERO social media presence whatsoever.
  • No clear strategy for how to scale their business using social media advertising
  • A desire to target and attract specific demographics and interests using social media paid ads but no clear strategy on how to achieve this
  • A genuine interest in sharing meaningful and valuable information that would help people to navigate their separation and divorce, but no clear strategy on how to achieve this
The Problem

Key Results

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Rapid Results

180 eBook downloads
within 4 weeks

Low Ad Cost

Just $6.67
per eBook download

Lead Nurturing

Email list of 1,000+
ideal prospects
being nurtured


Several new bookings from FB Ads each month

Want to experience the
same R.A.P.I.D™ growth?

Our Method

We decided that the best approach would be to create a free eBook download (a lead magnet) – which would provide the target audiences with valuable information relating to their separation and at the same time, establishing know, like and trust with the brand.

We crafted ad campaigns with carefully curated creatives and copy that would build connection with the target audience. We also separated placements and audiences to test and measure the effectiveness of each segmented audience.

After the prospects downloaded the eBook, we used automated emails to continue nurturing the leads with ongoing valuable content. All prospect information was stored safely within the client’s CRM database for future email marketing campaigns.

Our Method


The firm consistently received the leads at an average cost of $6.67 per eBook download at a click through rate of 4.66%. Nurturing email open rates and click through rates were consistently over 25%. The email list of over 1,000 ideal prospects is regularly nurtured, with a steady stream of booked appointments being generated each month.

Our Method

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