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Case Study

Laceys Gym was created to empower and inspire through a unique boxing workout. The experience bridges the gap between boxing and fitness, with transformative benefits that offer something for everybody no matter their fitness levels.

The Problem

Laceys were struggling with few and infrequent leads and enquiries with no clear strategy on how to convert those leads into paying members. Each month, the number of new leads would fluctuate despite spending large amounts on marketing. And when leads did enquire, many would not show up for their free trial sessions, which wasted the time and effort of the sales team and fitness trainers.

The Problem
The Laceys team really wanted:

The Laceys team really wanted:

  • A predictable and consistent number of highly qualified leads each month and possibly start to see positive ROI from their marketing investment
  • A marketing team to help build a series of amazing introductory offers over time to drive consistent new leads into the gyms
  • To grow memberships sufficiently to justify expanding from 2 to 3 gyms in Perth (this was a significant goal for the Laceys team)

Key Results

Goal achieved: Drive enough revenue growth to justify opening a third location.

Mega Results

201 leads in
just 28 days!

Positive ROI

Campaign paid for itself in 7 days!

Lower Ad Spend

Only $7.76
spent per lead

Quality Leads

Over 25% of
leads converted
into new annual

Want to experience the
same R.A.P.I.D™ growth?

Our Method

We crafted some precision-made Customer Avatars through deep-dive market research, then optimised their offers and creatives through that customer avatar.

Knowing who we’re talking to also helped our aim. This helped us place the right ads in front of the right people to attract more high-intent leads throughout the entire month using Facebook ads.

After the leads went through the door, we collected their email address and used exclusive email automations to keep in touch with the prospects.

Of course, we maximised the use of that too!

The first email was an introduction email that made them book their first session. This helped us make sure that they’re going to show up for their first session.

But the qualification process didn’t end there!

We gave them 6 simple questions about their fitness journey to make sure that they would be the right fit.

All of this was done through a simple yet high-impact process to maximise the number of high-intent leads.

Our Method

The Outcome

201 leads in just 28 days with 25% of the all leads eventually opting-in for the annual memberships...

The increased number of leads gave the sales team more opportunities to sell annual memberships. The automated qualification process meant that virtually all leads were serious and therefore showed up for their booked trials. Once these highly-qualified leads attended booked trials, the sales team were able to up-sell 25% of these leads into annual paid memberships. This was an amazing result for the Laceys Team who were able to satisfy their revenue goals and subsequently expand to their third location in Wanneroo.

Our Method

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