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Case Study

A certain Home Improvement Company (they asked not to be named), specialises in re-grouting, waterproofing and minor tile repairs across Australia. They offer a comprehensive grout replacement service to any tiled area.

The Problem

  • Like most online businesses, they were also struggling from high lead costs that were cutting into their profit and affecting their business growth.
  • Aside from paying too much for their leads, they were also struggling to convert those leads into customers due to the poor quality of those leads.
The Problem

Key Results

Rapid Results

603 enquiry messages
received in
just 30 days

High Quality

Lead quality increased to:
8 out of 10

Lower Ad Spend

Cost per Lead
reduced to
just $14.89

New Benchmark

“Better than any results we’ve ever had”

Want to experience the
same R.A.P.I.D™ growth?

Our Method

To help them fix their lead generation and conversion issues, we had to use advanced targeting and customer segmentation for the ads.

We targeted leads at the top of the funnel with video views, middle of the funnel with client testimonials, and bottom of the funnel with lead generation ads.

We created a strategy to let the leads opt-in to book a free grout assessment using a messenger bot.

The assessment had 8 qualifying questions with rules to qualify them.

Once they were qualified, we used a flexible email follow up sequence that was triggered depending on whether the prospect chose to book-in their session or opted for a call back.

This email sequence allowed for our client’s business to be at the top of the prospect’s mind while we nurtured them through the sales process.

Our Method

The Outcome

Within 4 weeks, the campaign generated 603 enquiry messages and the cost per lead was reduced from $28.55 to $14.89.

With the lead quality also improving, they managed to convert around 25% of all those 603 leads into paying customers. Added bonus!

Our Method

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