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Case Study

Goodlife Homes was created to help aspiring first homeowners to achieve their first home building dreams. From finding the right finance to selecting the right block in the right location and then matching it with a home design that suits the individual needs of the new homeowner and their family.

The Problem

  • Goodlife was getting low-quality, semi-interested leads from their paid ad campaigns.
  • They were spending a whopping $407.76 per lead!
  • The sales team were not happy with the overall low-quality nature of the leads they were receiving.
The Problem

Key Results

95% Saving

Cost per lead (CPL) reduced from $407.76 to $19.04

High Quality

Lead quality rating:
9 out of 10

Increased Leads

From 58 leads in 60 days to 84 leads in just 16 days


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Our Method

Everything starts with proper research.

We worked with the client to create specific customer avatars through deep market research and competitor research.

Using all the data we’ve gathered, we tailored a new strategy that would operate on autopilot generate highly qualified leads (and in the process, reduce the overall cost per lead).

This new strategy was made possible through the use of pin-point social media ad targeting using our expert tools.

To get the highest lead quality possible, we needed to filter out our audience to make sure that only the most qualified and interested leads would see the ads and get through the marketing funnel that we had built.

And that’s what we did!

We made sure that the ads will only show up in front of the most interested and qualified people based on the deep market research data we had collected.

And the qualification process didn’t end there…

We made sure to use a multiple step funnel to really separate out the gold nuggets (yes, very similar to gold panning methods used all those years ago…)

As part of the funnel, we set up a 10-Point Qualification (we called this the Finance Assessment) that prospects needed to truthfully answer to progress through to the next stage of the funnel. Once the finance assessment was completed successfully, the Goodlife by Gemmill Homes sales team would then receive the completed assessments and then follow up with the leads.

Our Method

The Outcome

We had to turn off the ads after just 16 days…

… because the Goodlife sales team got swamped by so many high-intent leads that they just couldn’t handle any more.

In just 16 days, our Goodlife marketing funnel delivered over 84 high-intent leads, with some mind-blowing conversion stats: $19.04 cost per lead, and a 3.29% click through rate!

Our Method

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