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Case Study

Gemmill Homes has been known for building beautiful homes in Perth since 2004. Gemmill Homes is a home builder that will deliver what they promise, on time and on budget. They have the experience and knowledge to solve home building problems quickly and easily.

The Problem

  • Tired ads and poor ad targeting were impacting campaign performance – conversions were costing over $140 each
  • The sales team were spending most of their time reaching out to low-quality leads only to find that they were not very interested or motivated to buy
  • The client needed significantly more high-quality leads each month to meet their sales targets
The Problem

Key Results

4X Leads

131 leads in 4 weeks using just 70% of campaign budget

High Quality

Lead quality rating:

Cost Savings

Costs fell from $140 per lead to just $15 per lead

Record Sales

Record home sales in the midst of a global pandemic

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Our Method

We developed a marketing funnel and lead nurturing system. We did away with the previous lead generation method, which involved prospects downloading a brochure of a floor plan.

Our funnel drove traffic that clicked through our precision-targeted ads to a specifically developed set of landing pages promoting Gemmill’s “Complete Series” range. On the first of the landing pages, prospects completed a form if they wanted to get in touch with the sales team directly. Unlike the brochure download, this reduced the number of steps in the funnel and made it easier for people to get in touch with their team.

All of these changes resulted in an overall increase of high-quality leads and reduction in ad spend.

Our Method

The Outcome

131 high-quality Leads at $15.09 each. The average cost per lead had dropped by 90%!

 The Gemmill Homes sales team also reported an increase in closed sales due to the improved quality of leads along with the automated lead nurturing process that had been established as part of the marketing funnel.

Our Method

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