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How can your dental practice increase appointment show up rates and reduce fail to attends.
How to consistently generate high-multiple returns from your paid advertising campaignsAchieving consistent lead flow from marketing campaigns is one thing. But translating that into high multiple returns over time is another thing. We're fortunate to partner with some wonderful businesses that have consistently demonstrated the ability to generate high levels of return from their marketing over time.
Imagine you’re on a golf course. Standing at the tee and observing the flag in the distance. The distance between you and the flag is 400m.Launch a decent drive (first shot using a club called a 'driver') and you have a great chance of chipping and putting your ball to the flag. The first shot makes up most of the distance. The subsequent shots become easier if the first shot is on target.
Social media by the numbersIn 2021, Australian companies spent US$2.6bn* for advertising space on social media platforms. Social media paid advertising now makes up over 26%* of annual digital advertising spend by companies Australia-wide.With over 21 million active social media users in Australia, social media platforms offer an eye-watering opportunity for many businesses to reach and connect with the hearts and minds of their ideal customers.That’s all great, but what are the compelling use cases for businesses to incorporate social media paid advertising as part of their digital marketing strategies?
How many times have you run marketing campaigns and had zero idea the impact that it is having on your bottom line?In this day and age, where everything is measurable, the answers to your marketing ROI should be at your fingertips.So say you get 100 leads per month and you close 5 sales your close rate is 5%.